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There are a lot of Learning Management Systems. Growify makes a difference. We want to realize more structure, more clearness, more guidance.


Growify supports training in companies.

Since education does not stop at work and the knowledge and experience of a company has to go steadily with the times, continuing education is an important component for the long-term existence.

For employees and colleagues, continuing education often means uncomfortable efforts, in addition to day-to-day business. Training time usually takes place under several hours or in private space.

This is where Growify is used. It supports a company in the achievement of its long-term training objectives and takes into account the associated difficulties

Growify is visualizing training goals easily and comprehensibly

Growify divides further education into easy-to-manage stages

Growify provides extensive and detailed information on progress

Training is better structured with
Growify, managed transparently and
can be measured for years.

Growify is an ECM application designed for intranets and enhances the learning motivation of employees by employing game-type elements. Employees can be specialized in complex, long-term training courses with Growify.

Further Education

Executives have the opportunity to define further detailed training strategies, while employees assume these and self-organize them at their own pace.


Growify uses the concept of Gamification for long-term qualifications and generates a higher motivation for self-knowledge.

Knowledge Redefined

Originally developed for the IT industry, Growify now supports the individual planning and completion of training goals on every conceivable topic.

Principles and


A skillset  combines a larger educational subject into a group of individual learning areas, so-called skills. Skills can be linked logically and further training within these skills will be built up following one another.


A skill includes a learning topic, assigned tasks and partial goals, Honors the success of learners, who is going through the topics step by step.


A complex advanced training is divided by skills into thematically, and graduated sections.Thus, difficulty levels or groups can be determined and awarded better.


All requirements can be designed freely and link the real learning tools of the company (seminars, videos, books, certifications, workshops, external lectures, etc.) together with the objectives of the educational tree.

Awards and Challenges

There are different possibilties to  motivate employees. There are Awards for finisching goals under specific conditions, like time ore content. Empleyees can create own chalanges and invite teammates to them.

Growify is easy

Supervisors create skill trees and employees can get their progress confirmed.






get connected to a wide range of learning content

Two examples illustrate
the benefits and
versatility of Growify.

Skill Group - Contracts

Learn more about general terms and conditions
Learn more about general product contracts
Take a test
Company Junior Contract Manger
Contract Assosiate Certificate

Skill Group - Praxis

10 hours negotiation training
50 contracts negotiated and finished

Awards and Points

150 Growing Points

Skill: Contract Trainning

Growify applied for further training in a call center.

Group - ECG Basics

Learn the basics about ECG diagnosis
Learn the principles of the nomenclature & telemetrie 
Observe 5 Cardiogram - analysis

Group - ECG training

Attend the Medtronik Cardiogram Seminar XBA32
Take 5 Cardiogram analysis under suspicion
Take the Medtronik Cardio Pro test

Award and Points

Medtronik Cardio Pro Certificate

Skill: EKG

Growify with an example in the medical field.


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