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Growify transforms your competency strategy into competent, connected and motivated employees. Don't have a competency strategy yet? No problem. We support you from A-Z.

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Strategic competence management

In just a few days, all competences at a glance!

Thanks to automated skills profile creation and intuitive skills recording, companies gain a comprehensive insight into the skills of their employees.

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Competence-based learning

Buying further education,
where it is really needed.

Individual learning paths with practical on-the-job tasks, peer learning and appropriate theoretical content - our modular system makes it possible.

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Use Cases

We can do that

Qualification / competence matrix

Current skills and skill gaps in your organisation at a glance

Talent Management

Identify, recognise and retain potentials and talents early enough

Competence-based teams

Build strong teams with the best skill-job fit in seconds

Onboarding & offboarding

Two of the most important processes for the employer brand optimally solved

Development paths

Individual and transparent learning paths for continuous and transparent development

Transformation & Change

Qualifying employees for new roles and future skills
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Success stories of our clients

Growify in use

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Tax Consultancy & Auditing
"Together with Growify, we have taken our HR development processes to a new level. We now have transparency regarding all profiles, competencies and training of our employees - so we know who fits which customers. And: We can see exactly where there is a need for further training within the team and can promote this in a targeted manner. A win-win situation for everyone!"
Torsten Haupt
Managing Partner
hands pens writing
Tax Consultancy
"With Growify, we know exactly who can cover which areas of tax law at our company and, more importantly, who is interested in what. This allows us to deploy and train our employees in a more targeted manner, thereby alleviating the pain of the shortage of skilled workers in our industry."
Silke Henniges
Managing Partner
People at the screen in the office
Software Development and IT Consulting
"Growify has made us faster and, above all, more dynamic in project initiation, project staffing and project onboarding. Our customers notice that, too."
Daniel Hipke
Chief Operating Officer
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