Motivating. Structured. Measurable.

Skill Management meets Learning Experience

Growify transforms your competency strategy into competent, connected and motivated employees. Don't have a competency strategy yet? No problem. We support you from A-Z.

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Shaping change.
Developing skills.

Growify maps your individual competency model and your organization's (future) roles and skills. Learning is aligned with the strategic competency goals of your organization in practical learning paths.
Strategic Skill Management

Fit for the future - With the right skills!

Who has what skills today? And what skills are needed tomorrow? Using skill profiles to identify and close gaps.

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Learning Experience

Continuous learning
that is relevant!

Individual learning paths with practical on-the-job tasks, peer learning and appropriate theoretical content - our modular system makes it possible.

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Learning by doing

The content battle is over!

Growify is the first tool that enables you to use hands-on training quick and easy; in full accordance with the 70-20-10 model.

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Only 10% formal learning
Growify combines:
20% informal learning from social interaction
70% on-the-job experience

Use Cases

We can do that

Skills Matrix

Up-to-date data about the skills in your organization at a glance

Onboarding & Offboarding

Two of the most important processes for the employer brand optimally solved

Talent management

Identify, develop and retain potential and talent at an early stage

Skill-based teams

Build strong teams with the best skill-job fit in seconds

Development paths

Individual and transparent learning paths for continuous skills development

Transformation & Change

Accompany your employees on the journey to new roles and future skills

More Data. More Strategy. More HR Development.

Stay up to date on skills management and development across your entire organization.

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In Theorie kennt das 70-20-10 Modell jede:r – mit Growify setzt du es in die Praxis um.
Our client`s success stories

Growify in Action

Tax Consultancy & Auditing
"Together with Growify, we have taken our HR development processes to a new level. We now have transparency regarding all profiles, competencies and training of our employees - so we know who fits which customers. And: We can see exactly where there is a need for further training within the team and can promote this in a targeted manner. A win-win situation for everyone!"
Torsten Haupt
Managing Partner
Tax Consultancy
"With Growify, we know exactly who can cover which areas of tax law at our company and, more importantly, who is interested in what. This allows us to deploy and train our employees in a more targeted manner, thereby alleviating the pain of the shortage of skilled workers in our industry."
Silke Henniges
Managing Partner
Software Development and IT Consulting
"Growify has made us faster and, above all, more dynamic in project initiation, project staffing and project onboarding. Our customers notice that, too."
Daniel Hipke
Chief Operating Officer
Before Growify
Skills of the employees are unknown
Employees don't learn at all or only inefficiently through content without a plan
HR Development has no central role in the company
Career paths for employees don't exist
Mandatory trainings and onboardings are undocumented
After Growify
Full transparency – projects can be better staffed
Employees learn from their peers and share knowledge in a practice-oriented way
Personnel development can be measured and aligned with company goals
Everyone has a registered profile and knows what to learn in order to develop a skill
You have an overview of who has already completed whichtraining. Compliance solved!


Effective Learning. Smarter Employees. It pays off.


bis 10 User
For small teams
What's included?
200 Skills
5 ready Profiles
2 Soft Skill-Lernpfade
Free trial


51 - 500 User
up to 5 € / Month / User
All startup features, plus:
1:1 onboardings for editors
Microsoft Power Bi interface
Private Cloud hosting in Microsoft Azure
Free Trial


> 500 User
on request
All professional features, plus:
Integration with own HR systems
Custom interface development
Growify Co-Creation for free
Free trial
versions coming soon!
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