Hello, we are Growify!

How we became Growify

In 2016, Robert Tech, our founder realized: employee development isn't working efficiently. As a managing director of the medium-sized IT consultancy Assecor GmbH, he therefore decided to try out many different ways to optimize personnel development. He came up with the idea to offer his employees higher salaries if they complete voluntary trainings for development. However, contrary to his expectations, only very few made use of this opportunity.

The turning point
A co-worker told him that instead of developing his own skills, he preferred to play computer games because it was just more exciting. This experience was like a key moment. Robert began to wonder, how could you possibly transfer such motivational incentives to employee development?

The belief in a perfect personnel development never left the back of Robert's mind and after several conversations with customers, the idea of Growify was finally born. In 2018, Robert founded Growify GmbH as a sister company of Assecor GmbH.

The Challenge
We knew from the beginning, that it would be quite a technical challenge to achieve the goals we set and it's not a secret to tell that the development of a basic backend for Growify took almost 1.5 years. Today we can proudly say, that all the work paid off, and the result is a technology that is truly unique.

Our Belief

We motivate using modern learning & work psychology
We structure the entire HR development process
We incorporate existing systems

A future where learning is valued, effective, and solves everyone’s problems.

Inflatable Boats
are available for boat parties in summer.
Salad Recipes
have already been tested by us on our Salad-Tuesdays.
are independent, reusable modules of our software.

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