Skill Management

Keep your skills always up to date

With Growify, you always have an overview of all skills within your company and thus set the direction of your employees' development in order to reach the company goals.


Kompetenzen immer up to date

Ob Shadowing,­ Learning Management Systems oder Code-Reviews, mit Growify bringst du alle Maßnahmen in eine zusammenhängende Struktur.

Mit Growify kennst du alle Skills in deinem Unternehmen und gibst so die Richtung vor, in die sich Mitarbeiter:innen entwickeln müssen, um Unternehmensziele zu erreichen.

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Skills gap analysis

First things first:
skills mapping

All Growify users independently rate their skill levels in a self-assessment. You can add your own skills for your company and create individual profiles.


Skills as part of the strategy

All employee skills are always up to date and managers can view all important data bundled in dashboards. The skills can be used to develop employees in a goal- oriented manner and the entire company can be strategically aligned with its objectives.

Individual learning paths

Learning meets career paths

Every employee has their own profile in Growify. They structure the answers to the following questions: Which skills do I already have? Which skills do I still need? Are there other profiles that I am interested in?


Multiple learning elements for successful skills management

Growify is no linear system, rather it forms an extensive network of various skills, which in combination represent individual profiles. Each skill can be learned specifically through various requirements.

Learning Path

Combination and organization of profiles, skills and requirements


Total set of skills required for a job description


Job-related qualification


Specific task to learn a skill
Skills management is the foundation for every learning & development initiatives
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Master skill management

Project start

Reuse skills according to your needs

Skill overlaps for different profiles exist in every company. Reuse skills and requirements for different learning paths over and over again. In Growify, all learning elements are available to you in a central library.


Collaborative creation made easy

Profiles can be created in the company not only in parallel but at the same time by different users. As a personnel developer, for example, you could develop a profile for managers, while your head of sales, together with the sales manager, builds a specialist profile for the team.


1 skill. 136 languages.

Multilingualism allows you to use identical learning paths in multiple languages. Global onboarding? Growify makes it possible!

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Skills always up to date

Learning paths, skills, and requirements are constantly evolving. Instead of creating new elements, you can easily update the versions of each element in Growify. The effort is reduced and learning paths can be actively used and edited at the same time.

Features Overview

Users Dashboard – Transparent Development

Profile Overview
Keep track of existing and prospective profiles or skills.
Activities and Progress
See individual developments in a timeline as well as all key metrics.
My Network
Connect with colleagues and follow their development progress.

Not following a competency management yet? No problem. Growify is here to help!

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