Strategic competence management

Competencies always up to date

With Growify, you regularly translate your business goals into competency goals and development perspectives for your employees.


The effect of successful competence management

Strengthening the skills that are essential to an organisation's success secures it's long-term competitiveness
Ensuring that the relevant skills are in place improves the implementation of the organisation's strategy
The iterative Skill Management Cycle improves the organisation's ability to adapt to a fast changing market
Cost Saving
Improved project staffing or internal recruiting processes will save an organisation the associated expenses.
Competence management cycle
Modern competence management is dynamic and alive
New Work, Industry 4.0, ESG, digital transformation... - We are in a constant state of change. By managing competencies in cycles, employees' competencies simply change with them. In this way, the organization remains proactive and shaping.
The competence management cycle in detail
Competence management? Easy as pie with Growify!
Capture competencies
Which competencies are available in my organization?
Self-assessment and peer assessment are used to capture competencies and experience levels.
Evaluate data
Where are the potentials? Where are there gaps?
Find and promote experts and talents and identify challenges with the skill gap analysis.
Set competence goals
Where do we want to be in six months?
Translate strategic business goals into competency goals at the organizational, team, and employee levels.
Targeted development
How do I develop employees really effectively?
Define and organize development measures of various kinds in learning paths and individual development paths.
The next cycle begins
Skills management is the foundation for every learning & development initiatives
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Master skill management

One skill matrix for many goals

Optimal staffing of projects!
The right candidates for projects at a glance: Fast and objective!
Monitor competency strategies!
Corporate success through systematic skills development: Structured and goal-oriented!
Discover skill gaps!
Recognize growth potential early on and develop talents: Precisely and sustainably!
Make knowledge carriers visible!
Find, promote and challenge the internal trainers and coaches: Appreciative and transparent!

Not following a competency management yet? No problem. Growify is here to help!

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