Security as a priority

As a SaaS (Software as a Service), Growify works with personal data and the customer's trust. Accordingly, we use technical and organizational security measures to ensure that all information is secure and that no personal data is misused, unlawfully accessed, or lost.

Azure Hosting

Growify uses the Microsoft Azure cloud service provider (CPS), which securely hosts all customer data and Growify infrastructure in its European data centers and facilitates accessibility for customers. Azure is known for its multi-layered security and extensive compliance coverage.

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Disaster Recovery

To ensure that Growify runs smoothly and can be used, our databases are replicated on different servers. If one of the servers fails, another data center can take over. Backups of the databases at regular intervals also ensure that data is not completely lost in the event of a server failure.

Passwords & SSO

With Growify, passwords are always encrypted and never stored in text form. Growify supports single sign- on (SSO) authentication via OAuth 2.0, allowing users to interact with multiple apps without storing sensitive credentials. OAuth 2.0 servers can be configured to protect the API with access tokens or allow customers to request new access tokens and update them.

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How effortlessly can Growify be integrated into my IT infrastructure?

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