Learning by Doing

Learning skills by doing

Growify helps your employees build targeted skills. You can reuse existing content or integrate new hands- on-focused tasks to achieve good learning outcomes.

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It's all in the mix!

According to learning experts, the best way to learn new skills is through a variety of methods and measures. In Growify, we call them „requirements". From classroom training to small practical tasks to existing content - Growify integrates them all.

Learning Requirements Check listLearning Requirements Check list

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Learning by doing is our mantra! That is why our requirements rely on a large number of practice- oriented tasks when it comes to learning new skills in a structured way.

The Heart of the Matter

Competence management through personalized learning

By combining competence management with individual learning, Growify provides a holistic solution for personnel development.

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What did you learn today?

Employees easily indicate when they have completed a requirement with one simple click. Individual requests can also be provided with a confirmation function if needed.

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Learning on demand

Nugget learning instead of a day seminar

Growify regularly reminds your employees to reach their development goals and splits learning content into small, easy-to-learn units. Whether it's on the daily commute to work or between meetings, Growify allows you to fill in knowledge gaps in a timely and on-demand manner.

The App:
Knowledge bites for in between

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